Clouds are not just for weathermen…Scaling compute and analysis is what we do

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Some companies think that 'Labs' is just a fashionable name...We innovate and break down barriers

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Some people think the concept of innovation is something new….We’ve always been looking forward

How we work

Clouds are not just for weathermen… Scaling compute and analysis is what we do

HTI Labs is a software and technology consultancy specialising in information management & innovation in application development

Some people are afraid to look… we see things other people can't find

Some people call it ‘big data’… we say it is information that you want to be in control of

Too Many Grades!

Published 24th Nov 2014

How long is a piece of string? Author: Kevin Crooks

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We work across industries on a varied set of projects. They all have the common themes of innovation, data and clients that seem to want to keep using our services. Take a look...

How we work

At HTI Labs we have developed our own way of working focused on the pillars of innovation, technical delivery, business analysis & management and our unique assets. We're happy to work with clients and share this approach with them. We show you more here...

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Our assets are unique and allow us to accelerate anything we do, supported by an exceptional combination of people, software products, project tools and methodology.