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Enterprise Spreadsheet Issues Solved.

Enterprise Spreadsheet Issues Solved

Helping businesses unlock growth and reduce risk using technological innovation

"Microsoft's Excel might be the most dangerous software on the planet”



What We Do

We help our clients break free of the restrictions that spreadsheet usage creates.


We provide people and technology to enable complex  migrations, process transformation and risk reduction in areas where spreadsheets are heavily used.


We provide a powerful alternative to robotic process automation by rapidly improving processes from the ground-up and thereby avoiding some common pitfalls, especially in processes involving lots of spreadsheets.


Where RPA is the correct solution, we can ensure your business knows where to use RPA most effectively using advanced process mining technology to speed up analysis and automatically quantify candidates.


Our unique approach is aimed at building internal capability at our clients, empowering them with the ability to self-serve rapid improvement.

Who We Are

Our widely experienced team consists of strategists, data scientists, engineers and architects.

Everyone at HTI Labs has delivered real change in demanding industries such as investment banking, energy and insurance. 

We care deeply about creating real value, quickly. We have an attention to detail that makes our clients come back to us time and time again.





We offer the fastest, most robust, way to automate complex spreadsheet processes.

We have access to truly innovative automation technology which turns spreadsheets directly into code, allowing functionality to be captured in a robust and scalable way, then integrated into an automated workflow.


Call logic via a powerful automatically created API or instantly create a web app with no need to re-platform 


Discover hidden spreadsheet issues and unpick month or even years of undocumented development.

Using our proprietary process mining technology we can rapidly analyse every spreadsheet in your business and help you structure a plan.


Whether you are planning an enterprise-wide migration or a transforming a complex multi-team process, this can save you weeks of analysis.



Govern your business-critical spreadsheets. Asset Manager overcomes the biggest challenges with using spreadsheets in the enterprise.

Create master templates for all your processes and analytics that can be bulk-updated for all users simultaneously.

Develop, test and deploy functionality with a true Dev-Ops approach never previously possible. 

Accelerate  Migrations

Make migrations easy, whether moving data to the Cloud or implementing new strategic systems.


We have a tried and tested approach which  allows a low-risk incremental approach to migrating away from spreadsheets.

We are also experts in supporting Excel version upgrades in large enterprises.

Re-engineer Processes

A spreadsheet process that is barely hanging together? Poor performance starting to affect your business? We have the tools and experience to resolve all the traditional restrictions with spreadsheets - or speed your migration to a new platform.

Our approach is the fastest way to eradicate risk and improve the speed and scalability of your processes.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring your spreadsheet estate is compliant with the latest data regulations such as GDPR can create a huge overhead, but we offer a completely non-intrusive tech-driven consulting service to rapidly audit every spreadsheet in your organisation.

We also make regulatory reporting easy, enabling automated reporting over the most manual and complex of spreadsheet processes.

Trader's Workbench

We are experts in providing rapid solutions to improve controls and enhance analytics capabilities for trading desks in finance, energy and commodities.

We specialise in creating self-service workbenches for traders that comply with the toughest regulatory demands and sync seamlessly with strategic systems.

Finance Transformation

We specialise in making rapid improvements to finance processes, with extensive subject-expertise throughout our teams. 


Invoicing, cash-flow forecasting, reconciliations, settlements and confirmations: contact us to see how we could help you make a step change in speed and accuracy in your finance operations.

Our Tech


Why Us

Practical approach

Spreadsheet processes have ultimate flexibility, but at the expense of control and performance. Our approach and proprietary technology retains the flexibility but can remove all the associated risks and issues.

Data-led transformation

We can see through the complexity. Companies often sink years of unplanned development into spreadsheets, but we have data mining technology to distil the core issues from the big picture and prioritise improvement.

 Industry-specific experience

Our heritage in investment banking and experience means that understand best-practice in Financial Services, Energy & Utilities, Insurance.

We don't just know technology - we know how to solve real, everyday business problems.


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